Burglary proof can’t save you anymore! Viral video shows why

As homeowners, we invest in various security measures to protect our properties from burglars. Among the popular options are burglary-proof bars on windows, known for their sturdy construction and ability to deter criminals. However, recent incidents have shed light on the alarming fact that even burglary-proof bars cannot guarantee absolute safety. In this article, we explore the disconcerting flexibility of criminals who can squeeze through burglary-proof windows and highlight additional reasons why relying solely on these measures may not be enough to safeguard your home.

The Myth of Impenetrability:

Burglary-proof bars have long been regarded as an effective deterrent against break-ins. However, criminals have shown their remarkable flexibility and ingenuity by finding ways to exploit the tiniest gaps in these supposedly secure barriers. Even with reinforced bars, if there is enough space between them or between the bars and the window frame, determined burglars can squeeze through, making the seemingly impenetrable protection futile.

A viral compilation video showing how flexible and trained criminals could squeeze through your windows 




Vulnerabilities in Installation:

The effectiveness of burglary-proof bars relies heavily on proper installation. Unfortunately, subpar installation or faulty craftsmanship can compromise their security features. Criminals are quick to identify any weaknesses in the installation process, such as loose screws, weak attachment points, or inadequate anchoring. These vulnerabilities can be exploited, allowing criminals to either remove the bars or create enough space to gain access to the property.


Advancements in Tools and Techniques:

Criminals are not limited to brute force when attempting to bypass burglary-proof bars. With the advancement of technology, burglars now possess a wide array of tools and techniques at their disposal. From specialized cutting tools that can slice through metal bars to hydraulic jacks that can exert immense pressure, criminals have become adept at circumventing these physical barriers, rendering them less effective.


Collaborative Efforts and Planning:

Burglaries are often carried out by organized groups or experienced individuals who work together to overcome security measures. These criminals pool their knowledge, skills, and resources to devise strategies that exploit the vulnerabilities of burglary-proof bars. By coordinating their efforts, they can overcome the limitations of individual strength or tools, making it increasingly challenging for homeowners to rely solely on these measures for protection.


Psychological Deterrent vs. Physical Barrier:

While burglary-proof bars can serve as a psychological deterrent, they should not be mistaken as an impenetrable physical barrier. Although they may dissuade some opportunistic criminals or act as a delaying tactic, determined and experienced burglars can still find ways to breach these defenses. It is essential for homeowners to recognize the limitations of burglary-proof bars and supplement them with other security measures to enhance overall protection.



In the face of evolving criminal tactics, it is crucial to adopt a comprehensive approach to home security. While burglary-proof bars can provide a sense of security, recent incidents have demonstrated their limitations.

Homeowners should prioritize proper installation, regularly inspect the bars for vulnerabilities, and consider augmenting their security systems with additional measures such as robust locks, alarm systems, and surveillance cameras. Moreover, fostering a strong community network, reporting suspicious activities, and staying informed about emerging security threats are essential elements of a comprehensive security strategy.

By being proactive and understanding the vulnerabilities of burglary-proof bars, homeowners can take the necessary steps to better protect their homes and loved ones from the tactics employed by determined criminals.

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