“Kenyan Innovator Creates Helicopter-Like Vehicle: A Unique Creation Captures Attention”

A young man recently gained attention for his creation of a helicopter-like vehicle equipped with rotating propellers. Frederick Onyango showcased his unique invention in a video shared on TikTok by @freddienengineer, capturing the interest of Kenyans as they observed the vehicle parked on a street. The vehicle, adorned with the colors of the Kenyan flag, featured an array of flashing lights and even included a rear-mounted CCTV camera.


Frederick Onyango, the talented Kenyan behind this creation, was tracked down by TUKO.co.ke, a popular Kenyan media outlet. Onyango resides along Kware Road in Ngara and revealed that it took him two months to construct the vehicle. “My aim was to make it both visually and functionally resemble a helicopter, and the unique design of the top propeller is my own invention,” he explained.


Utilizing a combination of metal, fiber, and aluminum, Onyango expressed his willingness to sell the vehicle, stating, “If someone offers me approximately KSh 2 million (N6,734,250.53), I would be willing to sell it.”


Onyango recalled that his passion for creating distinctive vehicles began during his childhood. “I initially started by crafting clay models at Kencom, but my enthusiasm grew, leading me to develop various innovations, such as a robot capable of accommodating five people,” he revealed. He further shared, “This invention was inspired by the Cyborg movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Additionally, I designed a vehicle that resembles a peacock.”


The innovative inventor also shed light on the challenges he faces, particularly the lack of financial resources. “The process of conceptualizing and realizing these innovations is often prolonged due to limited funding. We have to rely on our own funds,” Onyango lamented. He expressed his dream of imparting his skills to young individuals, stating, “I also aspire to create a machine that utilizes recycled plastic for brick-making purposes.”