Mental Health: Stop stereotypes on boy child — NGO to parents

An NGO, Hope for Second Chance Foundation (HOSEC), has advised parents to stop stereotypes against the boy-child and focus on their mental health and development.


The Founder of HOSEC, Mrs Ibukunoluwa Otesile, gave the advice in Abuja on Tuesday at an event to mark the International Day of the Boy-Child.


Otesile, who lamented what she termed as “neglect in the development process, abuse and other forms of discrimination against the boy-child”, urged all to refocus on enabling the growth of boys’ potential.


She said “today, I call on every parent to give attention to the boy child. I call on government to equally invest in the cause of the boy child.


“I call on donor agencies, International, National, State and Local NGOs and CBOs to give heed to the travails of the boy child; he is first a child and all children matter! Let us stop the stereotypes.


“The only way to end Gender Based Violence is to break the cycle of abuse. When one is abused, without support or intervention, with time, he or she will perpetrate one form of abuse or the other on another,” she said.


She, therefore, urged all to stop all forms of discrimination against the boy child and be allowed to develop to his full potential.


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