Nigeria @ 61: We are on the pathway to greatness – Abiodun




Femi Adeleke




Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun has expressed optimism that Nigeria would soon overcome the myriad of challenges confronting it, saying Nigeria is on the pathway to greatness.

The Governor professed his unwavering faith and confidence in the country’s ability to attain unto greater heights.

Abiodun made the declaration during his Independence Day address at the M.K.O International Stadium in Abeokuta.

The Governor insisted that in spite of daunting challenges facing Nigeria, he would continue to have faith, confidence and hope in the country.

He stressed the need for Nigerians to continue to demonstrate courage and unwavering commitment to all that would foster unity and progress in the country.

The Governor also called for a united front against the ills that had shackled and held the country back in the past years.

“We need to establish shared values and reinforce norms, virtues and ethics that are enduring, distinguishing and elevating.

“For as long as we continue to work at it, we will achieve the Nigeria of our collective dream.

“I have faith, hope and I am confident that we can achieve it because we have demonstrated at several times that we can come together and resolve our issues.

“It was in coming together that made our founding fathers secure the independence for our great country,” he said.

Abiodun, who acknowledged some challenges facing the country, noted that the occasion presented an opportunity to reflect and find common grounds to make progress.

“We should jointly address our challenges, including our national fault-lines and create a favourable atmosphere and more practical approaches for our collective dreams of a greater Nigeria to materialise.

“We can not allow our challenges to retard us. Certainly, our potentials as a country are far greater than our challenges.

“We also have to appreciate that inspite of our challenges, we have not remained the same since 1960. We are yet to become a global superpower, but again, we are not a basket case,” he said.

Abiodun stated that government must provide the requisite policy framework and charter of engagement for the people to harness their potentials.

He added that citizens must also be patriotic and pro-active in all of their engagements, adding that, “politicians must priotise service to the people and distinguish between politicking and governance.”

The Governor reckoned that Ogun had contributed so much in human and natural resources to the development of Nigeria, saying that, ” the state remained number one in terms of human capital.”

He stated that with all the sacrifices made by the notable indegenes of the state towards national development, ” we are more than ever convinced that a united Nigeria is a better place for all of us than a divided nation.”

Continuing, he said: “We have all the resources to overcome all the challenges threatening our national unity and progress.

“Together, we are winning the war against COVID-19. Our economy has survived the post-COVID depression and we have continued on the path of growth again.

“What we need is the collective will and channeling of our energies toward greater productivity and positivity.

“I call on all of us to imbibe and churn out positive narrative to empower ourselves and even to do more,” he said.


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