Reactions Pour In as Video of Davido Administering Multiple Slaps to Aide Surfaces Online (Watch)

An online video has emerged featuring Davido, the renowned Afrobeats singer also known as David Adeleke, displaying his inherent disciplinarian nature. The footage garnered significant attention and elicited various responses.


The video, which circulated on the internet, captures Davido exhibiting discipline towards one of his aides. Seated inside his Rolls-Royce, Davido can be seen delivering multiple slaps to his aide’s head as they travel to their destination.


Interestingly, despite Davido’s forceful actions, the aide in the clip is seen laughing uproariously. This reaction suggests that the aide may have done something to provoke the singer, leading to Davido’s physical response.

Watch the video below;


Unsurprisingly, the video of Davido disciplining his aide has sparked diverse reactions. While some found amusement in Davido’s unconventional approach, others emphasized the role of wealth in life, asserting that the aide would not have reacted so calmly to receiving slaps if it were someone else.