Social Mobilisers Advocate Adoption of Modern Family Planning Methods By Women

Femi Adeleke
Social Mobilisers on Family Planing have stressed the need for more men and women of child bearing age to adopt modern Family Planning methods, as a safe way of preventing unplanned pregnancies and reducing maternal mortality rate.
They described family planning as a ticket to healthy living among married and unmarried individuals and called on men and women of child bearing age who are yet to adopt family planning to embrace family planning.
The mobilisers expressed these views during appraisal meetings for social Mobilisers on Family Planning from Ijebu-Ode, Ijebu North and Abeokuta North Local government areas of Ogun State, held at Ijebu-Ode and Abeokuta, respectively.
They appraised the level of compliance among the populace, calling for more enlightenment in order to achieve hundred percent results in the adoption of modern system of family Planning.
Speaking to Journalists, a Frontline Social Worker, Mr Salam Tolulope said, the meeting which was held to appraise the level of acceptance of family planning among the populace also discussed ways to surmount different challenges found at the field while performing their roles.
“We have been in this program for more than two years now. Actually the program is about calling us together to appreciate every Social Mobilisers and know the challenges we are facing on the field.
“The anchor wanted to appreciate us. We have been in this program for over two years now, been on the field and making sure our people are satisfied about the family planning, and directing them to where they can access the method without little or no hitch.
“We discussed the modalities we are using to convince people on the family advantages, we gave them cards and ensure that they were treated free with the kits of family planning.
“The response was very good, people like it, and we have seen serious improvement from what it used to be when we first started”.
Speaking on the challenges, Mr Tolulope said, “sometimes we were faced with little or no kits and most of the time it is  transportation.
“Some religion does not believe in family planning so most of the time we talked to their husbands, and their acceptance level was always very encouraging.
Speaking on the advantages of family Planning, Mr Salam Tolulope, a Social Mobilizer from Ijebu-Ode said it prevent unwanted pregnancy, premature deaths and also help in raising healthy children.

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