You Must Not Fail Ogun People, Abiodun Tells New LG Chairmen

Femi Adeleke
Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun has inaugurated the 20 newly elected chairmen in the State, with a charge to the people of the State hold them to account if they fail to deliver on their campaign promises.
The Governor also warned the Council chairmen justify the confidence reposed on them by the people, saying “all eyes on heaven and earth are on them to justify their elections.”
The chairmen and their Deputies were  elected during the council election held across the state on Saturday.
Abiodun said, the Council chairmen were voted into power to them bring a new vista of development to the people at the grassroots level.
The governor charged the Chairmen to be inclusive, transparent, accountable, fair and just in discharging their responsibilities.
He also admonished them to be equitable, obey the rule of law and provide good governance to the people of the Local government areas.
Abiodun said with the oath of office, the council bosses have “entered into a Social and Tripartite Contract between yourself, the people and God Almighty.”
“All eyes from heaven and earth are now on you,” he said.
He urged them to be accountable, inclusive, equitable, transparent and prudent in running the affairs of their councils.
Abiodun said “In doing this, you must be inclusive; you must be transparent; you must be accountable; you must be fair; you must be just; you must be equitable; you must obey the rule of law; you must provide good governance; you must be judicious. Above all you cannot afford to turn yourselves to “Mr or Mrs I know it all.” 
“You must also understand that you cannot rely exclusively on allocations from the Federal Government. You will have to be creative in generating funds internally, and incorporate the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model. But in doing this, you cannot afford to over-burden the people who are the essence and facilitators of your being in power. You should take a cue from our approach at the State level by being cerebral; methodical; systemic and ensure strategic allocation of funds.”

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