‘There’s a grand conspiracy to destabilize the Government’

The All Progressive Congress Caucus representing the State of Osun in the National Assembly has attributed the vandalisation and looting of public and private properties across the State of Osun and other States of the nation to a grand conspiracy to destabilize the government.
The team also commended Governor Adegboyega Oyetola of the State of Osun on his strategic intervention in returning normalcy to the State and also in recovering looted items across the State.
Senator Surajudeen Ajibola Bashiru, who led the team on a solidarity visit to Governor Adegboyega Oyetola at the Government House, Osogbo sympathised with the government and people of the State of Osun over the damages.
Senator Bashiru also stated that the wild acts of destruction was beyond the End  SARS protest, which unfortunately afforded the mischief makers to perpetrate their devious acts.
He called on law enforcement agencies  in the country to investigate the pattern of attack on public and private properties, adding that the skewed  attack calls for deep interrogation.
He however applauded Governor Oyetola for the efforts taken so far for restore stability and normalcy in the State, adding that the curfew and the engagement of the law enforcement agencies  helped in no small measure.
Senator Bashiru also commended Governor Oyetola for the immediate implementation of welfare packages for all categories of workers in the State, as well as the immediate implementation of Minimum Wage, lifting of ban on Annual Salary Increment and embargo placed on promotions and conversions since 2012, adding that it was  a commendable and audacious action given the existing situation in the State.
In his remark, Governor Oyetola appreciated the solidarity visit, adding that the issues the State of Osun is dealing with is not peculiar to the state but one that cuts  across the country.
He stated that the pattern of destruction and attacks clearly suggested that there was an agenda by the enemies of the government. He said the looting was lopsided, and the looters took their time to identify what belonged to who, and who belonged to where.
Oyetola also commented on his recovery effort in the State, mentioning that most citizens who got involved in the looting exercise only jumped on the bandwagon without knowing what the agenda was.
Oyetola, who addressed the invasion of the warehouse at Ede which was the genesis of the looting of several other properties across the state, said the palliatives in question were donated by the Coalition Against COVID-19 to every state of the nation, but just like they did with the donation of Isolation Centres, they insisted that distributions be suspended until an official flag-off was done.
He added that until the time of the meeting, the rice component of the palliative was yet to be delivered to the State.
Oyetola debunked insinuations making the rounds that the State government hoarded the materials, stating it made no sense to hoard perishable items for political gains as alleged.
Oyetola also advised public and private entities on the need to explore the option of insurance, adding that occasions such as the bandwagon of destruction in the State of Osun and other states of the nation, should motivate everyone of the necessity of insuring their assets.

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